mercoledì, ottobre 04, 2006

So much to do, so little time

Interesting. Yesterday I thought that one month is enough to finish all the things that need to be finished at work. Today it seems as if one month is not enough at all. Where did all that work appear overnight, I've no idea. Time management gone bad or what?

In my humble opinion Italians and IT projects are always The Worst Cases of Time Management. But... wait a second! If I'll work for an Italian IT firm, does that mean that I'll be spending 14 hours a day at the office, just because other people don't show up for meetings or don't finish their part of the job in time? Alert! Alert!

Now that was a depressing thought. Have to go to find some consolation...

PS! My family is not at all supporting my migration plans. Gotta watch out they don't poison P.C.'s food when he'll be in Tallinn :)