lunedì, ottobre 16, 2006

Italian characters, vol 1

PC’s grandmother is a classic Italian widow, like from a Fellini movie or something. She is very tiny and very old and wears only black. Her fashion accessories are false teeth and a wedding ring. In the winter she sits in a quiet corner in the living room and waits for the spring. During the period between winters she is shuffling outside, occupied with some mysterious agricultural matters.

I know about these agricultural matters because this summer holiday I stayed in the house of PC's family. One day I needed eggs and tomatoes for salad and bought them from a nearby supermarket. A few days later I discovered to my greatest surprise that there were chickens living 5 mins walk away. (Free range chickens, extra cool!) I also noticed a tremendous bush of tomatoes growing nearby this... err... chicken facility.

So, now I sort of know where does The Granny dissapear from the living room during the period between winters. But I still wonder what she must have been thinking when she saw those supermarket eggs and tomatoes in the fridge.