lunedì, ottobre 30, 2006

Where did all the Russians go?

Dear JB,

As we are all aware, since the unfortunate closure of Club Opium you’ve spent half of our MSN chats interrogating me in order to find out where did all the Russian sirens go (together with their ever-famous fishnet tights, knee-high patent leather boots and mini skirts). Now I’ve got the answer!!

Due to some unexplainable manouvers last Saturday we didn’t go to Bon Bon but instead ended up in Club Terrarium VIP room. This is the place you’ve been looking for, JB!!!

What a parade of glam, glitter and bare flesh! Add Russian hit songs, dancers (they dance under shower!) and testosteronic males and… I mean… really… It. Makes. You. Speechless.
Maybe the testosteronic-males-part doesn’t make YOU speechless but it’s a sight worth witnessing.

PS! My beautician says that the Russian parties take place once a month, on every last Saturday.


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