martedì, gennaio 16, 2007

The Bad Beginning

“It’s a beauuutiful apartment and price is so vantageous! It’s just 10 minutes distance from your office!”
This is how PC introduced me our future home in Rome over the phone. I believe everything PC says, so I said we take it.

Two days before I had to go to the new-joiners training at the Firm we arrived to Rome. PC has a hectic work schedule, so he carried the bags upstairs and drove off to a meeting. I was left to my devices, to explore the new territory.

The apartment was monstrous.

The front door that looks like it’s been originally made either for prison or bank.
Dusty, greenish blue carpeted floors (I hate carpeted floors!).
Walls covered with brown textile (I hate brown!).
Dusty curtains which once upon a time were of some colour. (I hate dust!)
Brown bathroom. (I hate hate hate brown!)
Brown kitchen. (Please, not another brown room!)
Windows so dusty it’s beyond imagination (I have clean-windows-fetish, by the way).
Prehistoric water boiler. (I'm scared of prehistoric household items!)
The smell of dust everywhere. Even tap water smells of dust.

The highlight of The Bunker was an immensely inviting view from the bathroom. Extra welcoming for those who seek a quiet place to commit a suicide or get rid of the body.

This evening I cried.
PC was very gloomy and asked me to give him 2 weeks.


  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger Darcy B said…

    Sorry about the bad start but things can only get better....Quick Q - Your hates and fetishes seem to be emerging from the woodwork??!! Poor PC..muct be hard to manage you and your issues!! My sympathies to him!

    Do let us know when you get the place which meets 'your highnesses' standards. (Cannot wait!)


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