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Italian Characters vol 2

If I would be directing a movie, I would dress him in white suite and place him in the lobby bar of a luxury hotel or a cruise ship.
He would be the character who charms ageing rich ladies with his well-educated manners and attentionate behaviour and whos true secret passionate love – as we discover in due course - is a wild working-class girl.
As the movie advances, we see him escape with the diamonds stolen from the rich ladie(s). Plot B is that the old rich lady curiously dies from a heart disease or alternatively from falling from the stairs right after marrying this character or ours.

That is my all times favourite taxi driver – The Noble Napolitano.

Each Monday morning he takes me from the train station to the client site and and Friday evening from the client site to the train station. It’s a 20-minute journey and inevitably these journeys have become worthwile conversations on various topcs related to Italy.
He manners are polished and language usage rather well-educated. When he speaks it sounds like listening to an audio-book or a documentary. In fact our conversation topics quite resemble documentary movies – Italian cuisine, Italian history, Italian politics and the global warming (from Italian viewpoint). The Noble Napolitano is a walking Italian encyclopedia, really.

In the beginning I checked the facts (cos one should never trust the people from Naples). So arrived home Friday evening and cornered PC with questions like ‘Is it true that the best coffee is in Naples?’ ‘Is it true that you can estimate the quality of coffee based on how long it takes for the sugar to sink?’ PC has so far confirmed all the facts.

The Noble Napolitano is an opinion leader, too.
Once I bought mozzarella di bufala and the shopkeeper told me NOT to preserve it in the fridge. So I went home and informed PC of the instructions, to which he reacted coldly: ‘He was just fooling around cos you’re foreigner!’ and firmly placed the mozzarella into the fridge. Monday morning was the moment of truth! Immediately upon landing in the taxi, I started digging:”Eee… mm… how should the mozzarella di bufala be preserved in your opinon?” What followed was the most educating lecture ever on mozzarella production, conservation, quality issues and buying tips.

By the way, mozzarella di bufala should not be conserved in the fridge but should be kept in that water in which it’s sold and it has to be consumed within 5 days.
Did I victoriously deliver these groundbreaking research results to PC? Yes, f course!

So, if you want to know anything about Italy, post your inquiry and I’ll let you know what the Noble Napolitano has to say about it :)


  • At 8:15 PM, Blogger Reinhard said…

    damn, I always thought it should be placed into the fridge :S.

  • At 11:37 AM, Blogger Darcy B said…

    Very enlightening!! Would you pls also ask the following questions to the noble napolitano?
    1. What is the real hair color of Sophia Loren?
    2. Is it pasta or is it garlic which is the secret of bella senoritas?
    3. Is Pizza Hut an approved 'Italian food' outlet?
    Many thanks

  • At 3:05 PM, Blogger Katu said…

    Very good questions!

    I shall post the answers after this Friday!


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