lunedì, febbraio 12, 2007

Important Sighs

W.C. Handy – William Christopher Handy (November 16, 1873 – March 28, 1958) was an African American blues composer and musician, often known as "the Father of the Blues."
In 1955 he suffered a stroke and became confined to a wheelchair.*
Italy remembers blues legends! I'm SO impressed!
*Source: Wikipedia.

Important Sighs

This is the first photo of a (hopefully) ever-long photo series ‘Sights in Italy, photographed with a Nokia cell phone’.

Any Rome-visiting tourist can see from the endless postcard displays and tourist guide books, how Colosseum looks like. But only from the outside. Which proves that Italians are smart. They are not so keen to show you the photos of interior and there is a good reason for that, I’ve concluded after visiting this famous ruin. If anybody could see how this famous ruin looks like from inside, then nobody would stand in the ever-long queue and pay 10 euros, just to be assured that inside the walls it looks exactly as one would logically guess while standing outside.

There’s one secret one can’t find out without visiting the Colosseum IRL – there are pigeon and cat colonies living within these ancient walls. Me no greedy. I give you that piece of intelligence for free :)

The real value of hanging in the queue and paying 10 euros? One gets the chance to have some space. To breathe. To get some peace. To be away from the crowded streets, the people, the beggars, the dog pooh. Colosseum is quite a lovely place actually.