lunedì, ottobre 30, 2006

Where did all the Russians go?

Dear JB,

As we are all aware, since the unfortunate closure of Club Opium you’ve spent half of our MSN chats interrogating me in order to find out where did all the Russian sirens go (together with their ever-famous fishnet tights, knee-high patent leather boots and mini skirts). Now I’ve got the answer!!

Due to some unexplainable manouvers last Saturday we didn’t go to Bon Bon but instead ended up in Club Terrarium VIP room. This is the place you’ve been looking for, JB!!!

What a parade of glam, glitter and bare flesh! Add Russian hit songs, dancers (they dance under shower!) and testosteronic males and… I mean… really… It. Makes. You. Speechless.
Maybe the testosteronic-males-part doesn’t make YOU speechless but it’s a sight worth witnessing.

PS! My beautician says that the Russian parties take place once a month, on every last Saturday.

lunedì, ottobre 23, 2006

12 days left

By now I have bought flight tickets and invented a system for packing my stuff.

On Friday went to see this new Finnish-Chinese movie titled “Jade Warrior”. Firstly I would like to point out that this movie is like ballet. You’ve got to read the synopsis before seeing it, otherwise you’ll feel as if you’ve accidentally ended up in a wrong meeting room or something.

The moral of the story, as I understood it, is that if you’re in a doomed relationship then chances are that things will not improve significantly after 7000 years. Another important conclusion one can make based on "Jade Warrior" is that gentleman who wears ugly suit, dies from unnatural causes.

lunedì, ottobre 16, 2006

Italian characters, vol 1

PC’s grandmother is a classic Italian widow, like from a Fellini movie or something. She is very tiny and very old and wears only black. Her fashion accessories are false teeth and a wedding ring. In the winter she sits in a quiet corner in the living room and waits for the spring. During the period between winters she is shuffling outside, occupied with some mysterious agricultural matters.

I know about these agricultural matters because this summer holiday I stayed in the house of PC's family. One day I needed eggs and tomatoes for salad and bought them from a nearby supermarket. A few days later I discovered to my greatest surprise that there were chickens living 5 mins walk away. (Free range chickens, extra cool!) I also noticed a tremendous bush of tomatoes growing nearby this... err... chicken facility.

So, now I sort of know where does The Granny dissapear from the living room during the period between winters. But I still wonder what she must have been thinking when she saw those supermarket eggs and tomatoes in the fridge.

martedì, ottobre 10, 2006

26 days left in fact

After almost 4 years in finance sector I've learnt what do PE, IPO and EBIDTA stand for but unfortunately math hasn't become my cup of tea yet.

What I wanted to say with this intro is that I have 26 days of homeland bliss ahead of me not 16. I also wanted to report that currently I'm very focused on taking maximum out of those 26 days e.g. using beauty and spa services as much as possible. All this motivation is driven by a fact that in Italy similar services cost 2 or 3 times more. (Math is useful!)

Where I was heading with the 2 previous paragraphs is that after careful consideration I've decided to overcome Fear of Pain and try LEG WAXING. The big day is October 29th and until then the mission is to grow my leg hair. They have to reach at least 1 cm length. Sic!

Now I understand those strange ladies with long leg hair who accidentally stumble into the gym, totally out of nowhere. Neither yetis nor radical feminists but in fact proper people preparing for their leg wax :)

PS! The only advantage of a distance relationship: freedom to grow one's leg hair.

lunedì, ottobre 09, 2006

16 days left

Today a colleague offered to rent my apartment. Nice surprise, because I haven't told anyone that I'm looking for tenant. That was supposed to happen sometimes later. Anyway better sooner than later, so told her that she's welcome to pay the loan.

The farewell party is already work in progress by the way.

Sister1 is still angry because I'll leave. Sister2 wants to come to Italy and organize the wedding party. Theoretically speaking, if there would be a scale of emotional support, from 1 to 10, then S1 would be 1 and S2 would be 10. Average support factor would be 5.
I know it’s a useless exercise but thank you for attention anyway :)

mercoledì, ottobre 04, 2006

So much to do, so little time

Interesting. Yesterday I thought that one month is enough to finish all the things that need to be finished at work. Today it seems as if one month is not enough at all. Where did all that work appear overnight, I've no idea. Time management gone bad or what?

In my humble opinion Italians and IT projects are always The Worst Cases of Time Management. But... wait a second! If I'll work for an Italian IT firm, does that mean that I'll be spending 14 hours a day at the office, just because other people don't show up for meetings or don't finish their part of the job in time? Alert! Alert!

Now that was a depressing thought. Have to go to find some consolation...

PS! My family is not at all supporting my migration plans. Gotta watch out they don't poison P.C.'s food when he'll be in Tallinn :)